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Have you heard the term “collected emptiness?”  That’s what Elisha told the desperate widow to do in 2 Kings 4.  So how do you do that?  How do you collect emptiness?  Well as I said, this woman was desperate, and alone.  Her husband was dead, and the creditors were getting ready to take her son from her to pay her debt.  I think I’d be desperate too!

Elisha happened to be walking by at her low point and asked her, “what do you have in your house?”  Her response?  NOTHING!  Zero! A whole lotta nada save one jar of oil.  She was in a mood for sure.  Never cross a desperate woman.   But there was a crack in her story.  The jar!  What can you do with a jar….well it’s not about what you can do but it is about what God can do.

In my journey, I have come to understand it’s not about what I think I have, but its about what I don’t have that gives God room to act. The less I bring to the table the greater potential for miraculous provision. What did Elisha do?  Told her to go “collect all the emptiness she could find,”   “collect the empty jars from the neighbors…whatever you find, bring it!

She really didn’t understand the importance or significance of her task… she didn’t realize that her cumulative emptiness would literally determine the measure of her miraculous provision.  But she collected and poured the oil in a last attempt of hope. She continued pouring and pouring as long as she had empty vessels to receive it. The oil didn’t stop until the emptiness ceased.

We kind of get it backwards…we think we have to bring something significant to Him…But He merely desires us. There is enough in God to fill us; enough for all, enough for each as long as we remain empty…His supply is available.

The volume of your emptiness determines the amount of your filling.  He can’t fill anything more than you present to Him.  Something to think on…

NO COMFORT ALLOWED! – February 13, 2010

I love the kind of feedback I got from this simple thought…The thought?

It’s amazing how controlling “comfortable” is.  She’s vicious and will keep you just short of destiny!

Who has a comfortable couch or chair in their TV room or living room…One that everyone fights over?  We do!  Everyone races for that one place and then yells “seat check” if they have to get up so they don’t lose their spot!  Ridiculous!  They’re always fighting for this special spot…then once the battles over and the territory has been taken captive….it seems that the victor almost simultaneously becomes drowsy and falls asleep the moment their head hits the pillow. That comfort hits like a fog bank. It’s been an incredible journey we have taken this last month, and I admit I haven’t been there this past week to hear the testimonies of what God has done in your lives.  What I have heard has been absolutely miraculous.  God has moved and shaken us to the core of our being.

From this point….we can’t settle for the fog bank of comfort.  We must continue to press in.  The tendency can be to relax a bit. God may have talked to you about some areas in your life, revealed places of lack, answered some key questions, or asked something of you.  Whatever the case, it takes tremendous humility, and courage to walk out what He’s asked of you.

Divine order precedes revealed glory!   I truly believe we as a church have begun to get things in order in our lives.  Which prepares the way for God’s Glory to be revealed in and through our lives.  So I can’t settle for comfortable!   I want REVEALED GLORY!!  Don’t let your passion for His presence die.  Don’t grow complacent or get busy with “religious stuff”  Let’s go for the Revealed Glory of God!!  Comfort??  NO THANKS!  God’s presence and His Glory??  YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!

FADE ME AWAY! – January 30, 2010

John 3:30:  Lord, let me decrease so You can increase!

This fast began for me with a word from the Lord.  Very specific, very directional, very commanding.  He gave me bullet points and descriptions,.  He revealed what my posture was to be with Him as we walked forward together.  It was encouraging and scary all at the same time.

I was in the car tonight with my son, and a song came on called “Fade” by the Katina’s.  As we sang and worshipped together, The lyrics hit me like a piercing light!   They went like this. ‘Fade me away let nothing more remain so You can take Your place.  And make me a reflection of Your radiant face.”

That’s it!!!!   This is the culmination of the process !  That I would decrease.  Why?  Other than that’s what the Word says?…well, I realized a long time ago that what God has for us goes beyond our own human ability and cannot be accomplished with even a stitch of us left.  It must be ALL GOD working through us.  It must be His strength, His wisdom, His strategy, His way….when people look at us they must see HIM!  What we do must reflect God, not us, Its His face , His heart, and His compassion that people must see, feel, taste, and smell when they encounter us.  No wonder it’s so tough!  Changing your reflection is quite a feat.

That’s what this is all about.  Easier said than done, but I guarantee you the eternal value is priceless.  But as long as we are on this earth, we have  an assignment!  The more you let go and let God….the greater the impact of Your assignment will be for His Glory  So I pray; “God, fade me away, and let me be a reflection of Your radiant face!”

RAW BUT REAL – January 23, 2010

Is 61:3: bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.

Focus:  a point of convergence.  Like when you were a kid with a magnifying glass.  Remember how you would use it to connect the sun to a leaf..…and it would burn a hole right through it. All the magnitude of the suns rays contained in a single beam of light!  That’s explosive!!

For the last couple days, I could say I’ve experienced explosive!  This season has brought tremendous focus!  Even in the busy-ness, I have determined to remain focused and intent to seek Him!   I was seeking answers to questions I didn’t even know to ask. God, what is this feeling?  What is this heaviness!   I needed to get to the root of stuff  that have felt oppressive in my spirit for a while.

Reminds me of the onion.  You know how the more you peel an onion, it goes from crackly dry outer layer to the deeper, more tender and definitely more potent layers.  It’s the place where the aroma is so strong that it brings tears to your eyes.

When God chooses to reveal, his purpose is to heal!  As I’ve focused my heart to seek Him,  He has been faithful to show me some very potent things that I didn’t even realize were there!  The aroma of unforgivness, rejection, tremendous feelings of failure that have fogged up  my lens of life. The way I think and the way I respond.  Yuck!

I yielded, I repented, I responded!  Yesterday, His word to me was I’m giving you the oil of gladness, instead of a spirit of mourning. AWWWW, RELEASE!!!  That heaviness lifted as I responded to His revelations to me!  God is SO FAITHFUL!!!!   Not just to reveal, but to heal!!!!!!  That’s it in a nutshell!  Raw but real!!!!   My spirit is lifted.

BREAKING THE BARRIER!  – January 21, 2010

Micah 12: 13  “The breaker goes up before them  They break out, pass through the gate and go out by it.

Today was about pressing in for a breakthrough!

All day I felt like I was hitting a barrier…what was the barrier?  I couldn’t tell.  I wasn’t sure exactly what it was that was in front of me, but I sure felt it.  I was in a battle for understanding, for revelation, for vision.  God let me see!  I told someone, I feel like I’m getting ready for another breaking.

“Break”, in the Greek simply means to burst through!   When you’re pressing in seeking a breakthrough in an area of your life, it can feel like your battling in a fog.  Like you’re in a wrestling match in which your throwing punches at the wind!  But 1 Cor. 9:26:  Says, ”Therefore I run in such a way, as not without aim; I box in such a way as not beating the air.” So with the Truth of the Word of God in front of me, I wasn’t confused,  but was compelled to run to God and call upon His name!  He is the “Breaker.”  He is the God of the breakthrough!  Nothing is aimless with God. So that tells me that I don’t have to stop at the barrier…when I know there’s a gate!

So if you’re feeling a bit of a barrier any time during today, don’t be dismayed, don’t try to battle it out on your own, but call upon the God of the breakthrough.  Seek His face and in His perfect timing  the clarity will come.  You will break out and pass through the gate to freedom.

THE THRUST OF HEAVEN! – January 26, 2010

I’ve been meditating on Ps 18.  The progression is my inspiration.
It begins with proclamation! A declaring of truth…who God is – always a great way to open up the dialogue.  The mind and thoughts coming into alignment with truth.

Then comes the cry for help – Reality!! The enemy is pressing in on every side – the battle is raging, confronting, strangling the very life.  But then a pivotal shift is made.

He says, “in my distress, I called out to the Lord.

I can picture God in his daily routine controlling the universe with his finger….suddenly he hears the faint sound of a child.  HIS child calling out to Him .  It’s the sound of faith!   God drops everything and moves to action.  What did He hear?   He didn’t hear the sound of hopelessness and distress…he heard the sound of his child coming to the end of himself and crying out to Him in faith to save him!!  God always responds to faith!!

When you’re being strangled by the schemes and plans the enemy is trying to get you to take on…the only recourse to freedom is not going to battle alone – but to call on the Lord!  He’s the one to fight the battle.

At the sound of your call, He sets the heavens in a forward thrust motion.  I can see Him…riding on the wind….rushing to the aid of his child. I can almost feel the wind blowing my hair back! The earth is trembling, foundations are shaking, His voice scatters the enemy with a consuming fire! Oceans are emptied, his glory and radiance move the clouds with hailstones and bolts of lightning – it’s a multi-media frenzy of power and might that even Avatar couldn’t compete with!  Just for you!!!

WOW!!!  No need to be overwhelmed at your battle!  It’s His to fight! Our roll is to believe, establish who He is,  call out in faith….He reaches down  and draws us up and sets our feet on a large place. A place where we can see clearly and find freedom.  That’s inspiration!!!!

PLUG INTO THE SOURCE! – January 28, 2010

John 10:10:  The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy.  But I came that you might have life and have it more abundantly!

We’ve been having very powerful times of prayer on Wednesday nights.  God is doing miraculous things in the lives of people.  Last night  as I was getting ready to go to prayer, I was watching the news and they had found a woman in Haiti under some rubble 18 days after the earthquake.  The Lord spoke to me.  He said that even 18 days after this fast has started…don’t grow weary because there is still life to be uncovered under the rubble!

As we prayed, the Holy Spirit began to reveal His presence to us.  We testified of God’s faithfulness, spoke faith into the atmosphere.  We prayed for our relationships and marriages.   We prayed for salvation to come to this community.  That the darkness would be pushed out, and that we would be filled with compassion and have His heart for people.  We prayed that the supernatural would be evident in our church and that healings would be reported, miraculous happenings would be released!!  It  was just so powerful.

Then we called up those who were still waiting for their breakthrough.  Because I felt that some were feeling discouraged, a little tired …. Like when you’re on your computer and it tells you that your on reserve batter power and you better plug into the source or you will go dead!   Well, they came, and we literally had a GOD ENCOUNTER!  We plugged in and pressed in and got to a new place in God. New strength for the journey, new hope, faith that God is working.  God literally revealed life amidst the rubble!  I immediately heard testimony of release, greater understanding, clarity, And I’m believing for a healing to be reported!!!

This fast is coming to an end, but it is just the beginning of what God is going to do in and through us because of this fast!  Don’t give up!  There is life under the rubble still to be revealed…AND IT’S GONNA BE AN AMAZING REVELATION!  Hold to His promise for your life.  That you might have life and have it more Abundantly.

LET THE PRAISE COME OUT! – January 19, 2010

Ps 66:8:  O Bless our God, you people, and make the voice of His praise to be heard.

I gotta praise in my spirit today!

Sometimes right in the middle of the process you just have to throw up your hands and begin to praise.  There’s much power in Praise.  Because God is right there in the middle of it!  He inhabits it!  You can count on it!   Praise  confounds the enemy, it puts him into a frenzy of confusion!  Praise puts the enemy under your feet,  and praise keeps God on top.   Yes, Right in the middle of this season of fasting and seeking God, it’s time to praise the Mighty God that we are seeking!

So I just say to the Awesome, powerful, wonder-working God that I serve,  You are Holy. I say  that you reign in all wisdom and revelation! You are the creator of everything. I declare your glory among the nations, for you are great and so worthy of Praise.  I give thanks to You, Lord and I call on Your Name. I sing praise to You and will shout from the mountain tops how incredible You are!  There’s power  in Your holy name. Strength in Your Name.   My heart seeks you Lord and I rejoice. I look to You and your strength and seek you face always!  Because of your faithfulness to me O Lord, I give you all Glory!

Today is a praise day! Come along with me and lift up the name of God with all your might!  He is doing a complete work in you…it’s hard, its wonderful, its challenging, it’s good!   He’s creating a new foundation of faith in you.  One that will carry you forward.  You WILL NEVER be the same!

Lord Jesus continue to come and reveal Yourself,  I want to see you!  There’s nothing more that I desire than to see you. In Jesus Name!  LET IT BE LORD!!

DEEPER STILL? – January 18, 2010

Ps 42:7: Deep calls unto deep at the noise of your waterfalls”  Does anybody out there have any idea what this verse  means?

The deeper you go with God, the more sensitive you are to His dealings.  Until you allow God to get to the core of who you are and to what you believe…your relationship will remain shallow with Him.

I’m not just looking for Deep!  I’m looking to go deep. In other words,  I’m looking for Deep that calls unto Deep!  That is the deep things of God calling and drawing out the Depth of my spirit to come and reveal itself.  I’m going after the ‘eye hath not seen and ear hath not heard’ dimension!  It’s a personal encounter with the face of God that I’m longing for.  Along with that comes a wrestling match with my will!  Will I yield to receive what I desire? Will I receive all that He desires to give me?

God wants to bring us to a point where our natural strength is touched and fundamentally weakened so that we no longer dare to trust ourselves.

It happened to Jacob in Gen 32.  Jacob was left alone, face to face with the angel of the Lord.  The wrestling began…hour by hour…through the night he wrestled for his desired blessing….it wasn’t until Jacob got to the core of himself and finally admitted the truth of his name (who he was), that he received his blessing.  But it cost him something!  His strength!  From that moment on he walked with a limp…he had been broken, but now he could truly be strong in the Lord and the Power of His might.

The deeper you go in the water, the more pressure there is.  The more pressure, the more it squeezes you.  Spiritual depth presses the impurities out of you.  Painful?  Yes!  But it’s where you want to be!  Not easy, but so GOOD!   Are you feeling the pressure,  You’re in the right place!

Go Deeper Still…

YOUR PASSION AND YOUR PACE! – January 16, 2010

I Corinthians 9:24 says; “Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but one receives the prize.  Run in such a way that you may obtain it.

I was in spin class this week…. don’t ask me why I was in spin class while fasting!  BUT…I was.  Spin class is all about pacing yourself.  I was correlating it to my fasting journey.   As you begin, you warm up at a easy pace, then you move on with a little more resistance like you’re going up a mountain…you stand up, then you hover, do squats…then go fast pace again.

Not too far into the class there’s a moment when you absolutely feel like you have to quit!  You’re hoping for a flat tire.  No such luck with a fitness bike.  But if you pace yourself and make it past that moment, you will experience a new strength. A new energy.

An unexpected endurance

The Holy Spirit has been very specific with me about pacing myself.…. As I was training for my ½ marathon last year, pace was a very important aspect to the process.  I had a certain time for a goal… a 13.30-minute mile.  Which meant I had  to run EVERY mile in 13 minutes and 30 seconds.  You could run faster or slower than that, but as they tested me they found that it was the pace that would allow me to run the distance.

We’re going the distance together at Mars Hill Community Church!  I just want to encourage you to maintain your passion and your pace in your pursuit of God, Let your guard down even more, be specific with Him this week.  He definitely has something more for all of us.  Something deeper.  We’ll talk more about pace next time…in the mean time, run in such a way that you may obtain the prize.

What’s that?  Intimacy with God.

BE A SURRENDER FREAK! – January 15, 2010

I had a new “Be Still” lesson today! And a friend of mine confessed that she has been a control freak and now wants to become a Surrender freak! More on that in a moment.  For me, today was a “weak” day!  Not so much in spirit, but in my body!

God brought me to the scripture:

II Cor 12:9:  But He said to me, My grace (My favor and loving-kindness and mercy) is enough for you; for My strength and power are made perfect (fulfilled and completed) and show themselves most effective in [your] weakness.

I absolutely cannot stand feeling weak.  Physical weakness and mental weakness seem to go hand in hand.   I had plans to go to the gym after my quiet time, but my strength just wasn’t there, so I ended up just staying in my quiet place and got a spiritual workout instead.  As I stayed, I began to feel a strength coming into my physical body.  I got up to leave, and immediately became weak again.  So I got back down on my knees…..more grace was poured out.  So, again I tried to stand…and there it went.  At this point, I decided to surrender (smart woman!) because I could see that God was definitely NOT done and HE was in charge.   It was such a vivid example to me that i need to be willing to stay in the presence of God till His strength is fulfilled and complete in me.  (Made perfect)

It made me wonder how many times I short circuit the sufficiency of His strength in me because I don’t stay till He’s finished….I just get up and leave when I’M finished!  Still weak … and still in charge! A formula I really understand well,  but pretty sure that’s not  His idea.   Thank you God for the anatomy lesson!  I think I’ll surrender on this one, because I want His strength to show most effective in me.


THE MAN IN THE MIRROR – January 14, 2010

Prepare yourself!  It’s not gonna be pretty.  And no, I’m not talking about the Michael Jackson song.  I’m talking about what happens when we get alone with God!  I don’t know about you, but I’m having some pretty intense mirror encounters!  And getting whacked by the reflection!  That’s what happens when you get alone with God and you begin to let him reveal things to you that He wants to work on.  It hasn’t been my best look to be sure.  But If I want more of God, He’s gonna require more of me.

We’re still practicing the “be still and know” part of this journey. This part is slow moving.  You may find there are many aspects to it.   It takes such discipline to quiet your self.  On the other hand, once you get quiet you may be surprised what the Holy Spirit begins to show you.   You see, the more you get of God, the less of self you can hang on to.  Then you realize you don’t even want the ‘self stuff’ anyway because what He offers is so much higher, so much better. That is, if you’re willing to look in the mirror.   For a awhile now, I’ve been walking through a process of facing myself….all the insecurities, all the weaknesses, all the wrong motives, allowing the Sword of the Spirit (the Word of God) to cleanse the thoughts and intents of my heart.  Those are some deep pits in there!  And as challenging as it’s been to look at myself in the mirror,  I’ve found Gods love and mercy in every crack, every dark place.  He has strengthened my inner man, He’s freeing me from my insecurities, restored my soul, trained my mind, and transformed the ways of my heart.

It takes a lot of courage to face your self!  The only way I would want to do it is with God at my side. And He sure has been.  He continues to gently point out the areas that need transformation, and when I let him, I feel set free.  I encourage you to stay the course as he begins to shine the light on your heart.  His mirror reveals and heals and promises the freedom and abundance that only a living God can provide!


Interesting conversations today!  With myself, God, and others.  “ Why God”…was the general theme of all of them.  There’s a shakin going on around here and it doesn’t make sense!  But one thing I am learning about God is that doesn’t want me to ask why when he is moving. He wants to hear, what?

Phillip was a man who operated in the “what zone.”  He was a believer who had been chosen to be a deacon in the book of Acts.  Great persecution was coming on the church and the believers were scattered.  Philip ended up in Samaria.  His job was very specific!!  He was there to proclaim Christ! Miraculous signs were happening, demons were fleeing, healings of all sorts….you know, a typical day in the life of a Deacon!

Then God threw a supernatural wrench in the plan.   Suddenly an angel appears to Phillip…and says…go south on a desert road.  Now I probably would have stood there waiting for the next line, or asked for a map or something!   But not Philip, the bible says,  HE WENT!  Why?  Because Phillip was operating with such a faith in God that he knew if he obeyed, God would give him the next step when he needed it!

Here’s my point.  Fear asks Why, faith asks what!  Fear says, Why am I here?  Why did this happen?  Why don’t you tell me?  Why can’t I see?  Fear is one of the most limiting words ever!  When you’re driven by fear, you tend to want to understand everything all the time….to control everything  and everyone around  you…and it even can interfere with your interaction with God!  Fear demands an answer! Which God doesn’t respond to.

Faith on the other hand says, what?  What do you want me to learn, what road should I take?  Just show me Lord and I’ll go!  Faith seeks an answer! Which then opens up God to do what he wants to do.

Is there’s a shakin going on in your spirit?  Is fear dictating your response to God?   Circumstances of the past hounding you with the Whys?  Let’s learn from Philip!  His obedience led to the redemption of a man who was desperate for God.   Then God translated him to the next assignment like a Supernatural Sci-Fi movie.  Yep, all in a days work!!   Let faith lead your response today!

THE BREAKING POINT! – January 12, 2010

Matthew 17:18-21

18 And Jesus rebuked the demon, and it came out of him; and the child was cured from that very hour. 19 Then the disciples came to Jesus privately and said, “Why could we not cast it out?” 20 So Jesus said to them, “Because of your unbelief; for assuredly, I say to you, that if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, “Move from here to there’, and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you. 21 However, this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting.”

What do you need faith to believe God for?

DAY 3…can be a breaking point!  It may be a little soon for you but I have a short attention span, or maybe I just lack patience.   But here’s my question to myself:  “Am I going to move forward in the Power of faith or am I going to shrink back to the former things?”  Or more bluntly, the ‘former’ self.  Am I going to press in and press through?   Today I wrote in my journal,  “God, am I going to hear from you? Or will I faulter and fall back to the patterns of yesterday?  Will this breakthrough be a sustaining work?”  That’s a doubt that I must address.  I’m asking, “God increase my faith…move me forward in You!”

Unbelief and doubt are powerful forces that the enemy uses to damage our journey.  It  must be reckoned with and swiftly cut off at the root!  When it comes to faith, I love the example Christ gives in Matthew 17: 18-21….the disciples couldn’t cast out the demon because of their unbelief.  Jesus immediately and forcefully addresses the unbelief with blunt force truth… that if they believe…NOTHING WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE!  The question is never can You or can’t You God?….it’s will You and I believe He can!!!

You may feel like it’s not going to happen!!  You are not alone.  Doubt hits all of us.  Maybe it’s confusion knocking at your door and you feel your desire evaporting!  Will I receive the breakthrough I’m looking for?  Will I hear from God? Will I Get direction?  Will my marriage survive?  Am I going to experience You God?   The answer is YES!

I guess that’s why the first thing God said to me today….”BE STILL AND KNOW!”

Press in and don’t waiver in your faith!   We are going to move forward together because we have a God who is a Mountain Mover!!!!

RIGHTEOUS STATIC – January 11, 2010

John 10:27:  My sheep hear his voice and they follow me.

Righteous Static!

I’ve never been an ‘art’ fan, but I can recognize a  ‘lost art’ when I see one.   For many of us, quietness is only something we dream about anymore.  We have a habit of filling every bit of quietness in our lives with stuff, noise, busyness, and static!

Our culture is addicted to loudness.   There are things happening all the time, and even though it may be good stuff, it can dominate and rob our time, and energy, and focus,  if we let it.  These things are key essentials to listening.  It’s amazing to me that in all the noise and static, even righteous static…God calls us to, “be still and know that He is God!”  We have a hard enough time really listening to the person 6 inches in front us, let alone listening to God.

My dad had surgery on his hand recently and my sister and I have been helping to care for my mom.  I spent the night there and in the morning we sat down to eat breakfast.  Much like we used to do when I was young….as we were sitting there I heard a mighty sound!  It was the sound of quietness!  I noticed it because I definitely don’t get much of that in my daily life so it stuck out like a moving light in the parking lot of a retail store!

It just brought me back to our need for quietness. Quietness usually doesn’t just happen.  We have to be strategic. We have to focus.   Slow it down….lower the volume…prepare yourself to hear His voice.  It’s just as hard to quiet your surrounding’s as it is to silence your mind.

During these 21 days…I encourage you to seek out quietness.  The Bible calls this solitude.  Let your mind rest from all the chaos and listen for the voice of God.   He has something significant to say… something eternal…something that will breathe life into your spirit.   Practice being still, practice listening, and you will hear the Shepherds voice.

WHAT MAKES A GOOD MAN LIE? – January 10, 2010

Joel 2:12:  “Even now” declares the Lord, return to me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping and mourning.

What makes a good man lie?   Pride? Fear? Guilt? A beautiful woman?   We all know that God wants ALL our heart.  What does it look like to give God all your heart?  Let’s look at a story where the main character did NOT give God his whole heart.  Let’s look at Abraham.  In Genesis 20 Abraham told Abimelech the King that Sarah was his sister instead of telling the truth that she was his wife.  Why?  Because she was so beautiful that he was afraid they would kill him to get her.  Abraham!  The Father of faith! The one we pray about! One of the main characters in the Old Testament “3” – the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob!  What in the heck?

Well, as much as we like to think Abraham was perfect…he hadn’t given God his whole heart…yet!  He was skirting the issue!  In Genesis 20:11, Abraham justified his actions by saying… “well, actually she IS my sister, she is the daughter of my father, just not my mother…” ….Okaaaaay!  But he neglected to say that she was also HIS WIFE too!!

He was still trying to control things.  I’ll trust you, God, to leap out and leave my home land…but I think I need to help you here.  Because they don’t fear you, I can’t trust you to take are of this.  So I will orchestrate this to protect myself!

Prov. 3:5-6 says, “Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart. Lean not

on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him

and he will make your path straight.”

Trust Him with the path He has called you to – with every aspect of the journey.  Seek His way; don’t determine FOR God how the journey should look.  Let him show you what your next step is.

Thank God for His grace. God intervened in Abrahams mess.  Otherwise, the plan of God would have been jeopardized.  God revealed Abe’s sin to Abimelech.  And he responded by sending Sarah back.  He helped get Abraham back on track and Sarah got pregnant with Isaac!  And the rest is history.

God’s got a plan for your life.  It’s a sure plan, an awesome plan.  One you can trust is for your best and for the furtherance of His Kingdom.  But in order for it to be accomplished, you must trust Him with ALL your heart.  No secrets, No holding back, and No lies.


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