I’m not one to outlandishly speak out on “controversial” issues, and I’m aware that I may be lambasted for speaking my heart on the matter. But I must make an appeal! As a mentor of so many younger than myself, I am deeply concerned about the lack of conviction that we, as women of God, have about the things in which we engage.

In particular, as the movie “50 Shades of Grey” is coming out, I am hearing how many people are “so excited” about seeing it…just like it was when the book debuted. Why is it we don’t see this theme as being a detriment not only to our minds and hearts but also to those over whom we have influence?

Curiosity is how Satan “gets” a woman. A simple introduction to such topics can lead both young and old minds down a path leading to abuse, insecurity and rejection.

Being that we are followers of Christ who have the truth, shouldn’t we think twice about seeing a movie or reading a book that so vehemently opposes what we believe? If not for yourself, think about the mixed message we are sending to our daughters and sons. It’s ok to engage in sexual immorality. It’s ok to manipulate women and treat them like your toy. It’s ok to fill your mind with graphic, lustful scenes. Words fail me as I ponder a phrase that is in my heart, “What we do in moderation our children will do in excess.” Why is it that we post scriptures on social media, re-quote Christian authors and speakers, speak out against pornography but then mesh the message with an immoral one such as this?

Why don’t we see this as an issue that needs to be contemplated with spiritual discernment? Why is it we can’t make the connection that what we are saying and doing is being watched by a younger generation that is highly impressionable? A mixed message is being served that, with each generation, becomes more “gray,” more impossible to define and definitely more challenging to stand upon as a firm foundation. To top it off, it comes with a side of an “in your face” bullying spirit of this age! We have to WAKE UP!

When I see whimpering comments of women “leaders” who have no message in their mouth and no courage in their hearts to speak truth into the lives of younger women, it concerns me that they have influence. When coupled with spiritual moms who aren’t using (or won’t use) their voice to help influence and guide the young minds of this generation because they are themselves consumed with trying to stay youthful, you have a massive void. Listen, my mom was the coolest woman around but she didn’t waste all her energy trying to stay relevant or hip! She recognized her role was to help me become the “Karen” God had intended me to become.

We all have a voice and, with humility, we must use it! Someone must stand up for righteousness. Someone must rise up and be willing to display a Godly standard. Why? So our daughters will receive a clear message that walking with Christ is a lifestyle that must be nurtured based on the clear Word of God rather than on what culture suggests. Popular opinion is grabbing hold of the ears of our daughters. We must be willing to use our voices to speak not only love, but also truth and clarity so our young women will be convinced of their true value.